After all the Christmas and New Year’s Eve bunge eating (don’t pretend you just had a bit of salad!) a bike ride is just what the doctor ordered. We decided to start 2016 off with what you can do all year round in Maremma – and in winter too, as long as you cover yourself up a bit more. After putting on many layers, jackets, ear protectors and gloves, we are leaving Magliano for a ride that is almost 55 miles long and that will take us through Capalbio, Orbetello’s lagoon and Giannella’s beach.

Bici in Maremma - Bikes

Bici in Maremma – Bikes

Ready? Let’s go!

Giro bici 90 km

Giro bici 90 km – Bike ride

From Magliano, we take the Marsiliana road and find ourselves outside the San Bruzio’s

Church. Here we are showing you a picture taken in March 2015 because we didn’t get off the bike to take a picture!

Bicycle San Bruzio Magliano in Toscana

Bicycle San Bruzio Magliano in Toscana

Then, near Capalbio, we go up to the village going through via Cannetello: a good climb, demanding but short, that leads us to the village where we can have a short break and a chat about the New Year Eve’s dinner the night before!

Biciclette - bicycles

Biciclette – bicycles

We leave for Ansedonia and go past the Orbetello’s lagoon.

Orbetello by Marco Bellucci

Orbetello by Marco Bellucci

We go back to Magliano via Albinia – tired but happy for saluting the new year with this

beautiful bike ride that you can repeat for the rest of the year! This is the itinerary you

can download as a GPX for your GPS! 90 Km in bici da (55 miles’ bike ride from Magliano)

Enjoy the ride!