Oliveto - Olive trees

Olive hunting

October is when some people start harvesting olives while others prefer to wait until they are more ripe and harvest...

Tortelli Baccalà e Patate - Cod and potatoes tortelli (stuffed pasta parcels)

Cod and potatoes tortelli (stuffed pasta parcels)

We continue our “guilty” journey through Magliano’s kitchens by suggesting you a recipe from the “Da Gaetano” restaurant in Pereta:...

Marmellata fatta in casa - Home Made Marmelade

Home made marmelades

The Agriturismo Malpasso shared with us their recipes of home made marmelades!                     ...

Typical Food Market in Magliano

Typical Food Market in Magliano

A Typical Food Market is held in Magliano in Toscana every 4th sunday of the month. From 10 am to...

Caldarroste - Roasted chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts festival in Pereta

The tiny beautiful town of Pereta will be invaded by the roasted chestnuts festival!

Sagra Acqua cotta - Festival Acqua cotta

“Acqua cotta” festival in Magliano

"Acqua Cotta" is a typical dish of the Maremma area. It comes from the typical lunch of the "Butteri" knights...

Il poderone da Carla

Aperitivo and live music at “Il Poderone da Carla” in Montiano

Aperitivo, good food and good wines, and live music with Lisaband!

Olive tree

Cooking with Olive Oil

When talking about Maremma, and the Magliano area, it is impossible not to mention olive oil. Tuscany, punctuated with olive...

Carciofi - Artichokes

Rabbit stew with Artichokes

Today’s recipe comes from Chiara of Agriturismo Poggio Sassinieri, well, from Chiara’s grandmother, the cook of the Agriturismo! Let’s start with ingredients...

Eating in Maremma

Eating in Maremma

The Maremma is a compelling and wild land, impossible to forget, perhaps because of its rough surface and that pride...