Tramonto su Cala di Forno, Sunset on Cala di Forno

Torre Alta and Cala di forno

The Maremma National Park faces the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Park of the Tuscan Archipelago and stretches over 15 miles with...

Racing Bike


After all the Christmas and New Year’s Eve bunge eating (don’t pretend you just had a bit of salad!) a bike...

Carrozze di Maremma

Horse-drawn carriage journey

Have you ever thought about a horse-drawn carriage journey, to enjoy the tranquillity and the romance of slow transportation? A...

Milonga (Pic. by Zabara Alexander)

Tango performance with the Almatango

Tango night in Maiano Lavacchio with the dancers of Almatango association

Skydiving in Maremma/Paracadutismo sportivo in maremma

Skydiving in Maremma!

We are talking about skydiving but not just for professionals! Fifteen minutes from Magliano, in Località la Parrina, there is...

Golf in Maremma

In Maremma we play golf!

Did you know that in the area surrounding Magliano there are 5 beautiful 18-hole golf courses that are open all...

The center of Pereta

Cycling from Pereta to Montemerano

After doing a bit of training and the 30 mile-ride starting from Montiano that we suggested, we can try a...


Cycling 30 miles from Montiano to Scansano

Amongst all the different activities that can be done in Magliano, one of the most evocative (and tiring!) one is...

Bicycle San Bruzio Magliano in Toscana

Let’s be dynamic!

Maremma is a land that offers endless opportunities for lovers of the outdoors. Whether you prefer to travel on foot,...